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HearAndNow Concert - 19th July 2024

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HearAndNow is a collective which promotes making contemporary music accessible to a large audience by programming music of today alongside masterworks from the past. HearAndNow puts on an annual festival which focuses on a pivotal composer each year combined with contemporary repertoire. Some of the best chamber musicians of the next generation come together in the intimate setting of the Vondelkerk.


Recent projects have included the Bartók Salon, a festival where the music of Béla Bartók featured alongside contemporary composers Rose and Van Nieuwkerk. In 2024 we celebrated Arnold Schoenberg, with seminal works including the second string quartet and Verklarte Nacht aswell as music by Berg, Nielsen, Webern and Brahms and new works by Thomas Beijer, Matilde Wantenaar, Karmit Fadael, and Martin Padding. 

The HearAndNow Collective is also in demand at concert societies around the world, this year's hightlights include performances at Grachtenfestival, Klaterklanken festival, De Thomaskerk, Studio H67 and international touring. 


Summer Concert

HearAndNow Collective return to the Vondelkerk on Friday 19th July with a programme of music by Bartok, Janacek, Strauss, Banting and Dvorak.

HearAndNow24 © Foppe Schut _lowres_S230039.jpg

HearAndNow Festival 2024

Pictures by Foppe Schut


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