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Foundation HearAndNow

The Foundation HearAndNow was founded on 4th of October 2023.

RSIN:  865701088

KVK number: 91576636

Artistic director: Emma Roijackers


Paul Op de Coul, chair

Rob van Sigtenhorst, head of finance

Floor Lauwaars, secretary

Reward policy: 

The members of the board perform their duties for the foundation without pay. No expense reimbursement will be provided.


The HearAndNow Foundation was founded on October 4, 2023 and will carry out its first activities the same calendar year.

Policy plan:

The goal of the HearAndNow Foundation is to make contemporary music accessible to a larger audience. Together with artistic director Emma Roijackers, the foundation has set up the HearAndNow Chamber Music Festival where young, international musicians present interesting  programs with a lot of variation between old and new music, in which contemporary pieces sound refreshing because of this variation. We believe it is necessary that contemporary music is supported and that we motivate contemporary composers to keep writing. ​ The foundation's vision is to have the HearAndNow chamber music festival take place annually so that new contemporary pieces can be programmed every year and various young, talented musicians are given a stage.


If you would like to contact the foundation, please send an email to:

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